Mobile Car Detailing

Treat your Car to a Premium Detail

Enjoy having your car detailed while in the luxury of your home.
No Drop-OFF or Pick-UP!

Detailing Menu Chart

Add Ons

  • Sand or Pet Hair Removal $30-100
  • Extreme Bug Removal $15- 20
  • Hard Water Spot Removal $25 -75
  • 1 Year Windshield Coating $200
  • 3 Month Tire Sealant 4 tires $ 25 – 50
  • 6 Month Tire Coating 4 tires $ 150-300
  • Cloth Seat Shampoo & Extract $50-100 per row
  • Full Carpet Shampoo $ 150-300
  • Odor Removal $ Quoted Only
  • Headliner Cleaning $15-50
  • Engine Bay Detail $25-75
  • Clay & Seal $100-15
  • 1 Step Paint Enhancement $ 250-350
  • Paint Correction $ 500 & up
  • Scuff & Color Transfer Removal $25 per spot
  • Fabric Protection $100 & up
  • Headlight Enhancement $30 per light
  • Headlight Restoration $150 per light

Auto Detailing


LEVEL 1 – The WEEKLY wash (Exterior only)

Recommended for well-maintained vehicles that are washed on a regular basis. This is a basic wash and is not intended for vehicles after a long road trip or with a lot of bugs & road grime. the Level 1 is highly recommended to be used in conjunction with our Level 3 service alternating 1 & 3 every 2 weeks.

Time Required: Approx. 1 Hour $60/$70/$80/$95*

LEVEL 2 – The DEEP wash (Exterior only)

Recommended for irregularly washed vehicles or for after a road trip. This is a deeper exterior wash that will remove heavy dirt, bugs & road grime from the vehicle.

Time required: Approx. 1.5 Hours $100/$110/$120/$135*

LEVEL 3 – The Monthly detail (Exterior + light interior)

Recommended for all vehicles on a monthly basis, this is our most popular service. It is a well-rounded detail and provides great value to our monthly clients who receive 25% off (monthly client discount not available to first-time details)

Approx. 2 Hours $120/$130/$140/$155*

LEVEL 4 – The Quarterly detail (Exterior + Interior)

Recommended for vehicles on a quarterly basis. This detail is meant to reset your vehicle inside and out; stripping old sealants, waxes, & contaminants from your paint or coating as well as removing dirt, body oils, makeup, crumbs, and old dressings from the interior. This detail package is great after long road trips or a first-time detail on newer cars that have a coating or do not need to be polished. Save 10% with a quarterly maintenance routine. (Discount not available for first-time details.)

Approx. 4 Hours $210/$230/$250/$275*

LEVEL 5 – The FULL detail (Full interior and exterior)

This is our premier detail experience. Level 5 is our deepest detail, it is recommended only once per year or as needed. This detail encompasses the whole vehicle; engine bay, exterior, interior, and trunk are all attended to. With this, you can prep your vehicle for resale or just enjoy our most luxurious add-ons for yourself and give your car the attention it deserves.

Approx. 6+ Hours $500/$525/$550/$575*

Maintenance Discounts

  • 10% off – level (2-4) + Add-ons performed 1x per quarter
  • 25% off – level (1-4) + Add-ons performed 1x per month
  • 30% off – level 1 for weekly vehicle maintenance

*All pricing will be based on size and condition of the vehicle. Discounted pricing available for bundling services and/or frequency of monthly maintenance plan. A deposit may be required for any services booked more than 48 hours in advance. Deposits are non-refundable for cancelations with less than 48 hours notice. Any deposits deemed refundable will be subject to processing fees.

Ceramic Coating


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